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“Every member of the clan dangerously stands between the abyss and the light, between the Beast and a humanity that we choose to train” affirmed Falstat to his new apprentice.


Paris at the end of the 2000 decade. A young aristocrat, from a noble and old Normandy family, goes ahead of the capital. He knew more or less what fate had in store, and was delighted by such an ease of existence. But that was until that drunken night at the Abbesses, during which he entered the family of vampires, those legendary creatures of the Night.


He will be plunged into the unknown, hero in spite of himself of a transcendent epic. He will soon see beyond the veil of appearances, those of our grey and alienating world, to contemplate the truth about his being and things.

Follow him in this initiation quest, pierce the secret origins of a bloody and fascinating world, and discover the truth about the legendary vampire creatures. Only one certainty shall guide you: everything you thought you knew about them were only fairytales.

Fantastique - Dimitri Daudu
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