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True Story

In 1940, the Alsace and Moselle were annexed to the German Reich. More than 130 000 young man were then enrolled by force in the Wehrmacht. The name they gave themselves makes their abnegation and decency ring in us. They were the “Malgré-nous” (“against our will”). Hit by the hallmark of treachery after the war, they are the great misunderstood of the Second World War, twice victims of the events and the horrors of combat.


Behind the earthquake of 39-45, singular men were standing, dragging their packs and trying to restore their original life with their own forces. History books never talk about the small history of those men. However, at the heart of the “Malgré-nous”, there is always a “Malgré-lui”.


Among them, R.S. was nineteen. Like the majority of his Alsatian comrades, he was sent to the Eastern front under the Nazi flag.

We hereby tell the incredible story of R.S., relying on his truthful testimony, from his enrolment to his long convalescence, through his soldier life with countless battles. This story is nothing more than a modest contribution to a long awaited rehabilitation, and the journey of a soul loyal to his inner light, tirelessly fighting against the darkness.

Histoire Vraie - Dimitri Daudu
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